Friday, December 31, 2010

Introducing!!!! Me...

Well...I am very nervous. My first post…here it goes! LOL. My name is Jessica and I am 26 years old. I live in Florida with my husband and my beautiful baby boy. I am an at home mom and a full time student at the University of Central Florida. I am what they call a girly girl with some edge. I speak what’s on my mind and express my emotions effortlessly. I have a happy go lucky personality and love life. I am always trying to find ways to reinvent myself and stay innovative. I decided that it was time to stop hiding behind my laptop and let my voice be heard.  I am very nervous about this outcome of this blog but super excited that I finally have the courage to start it. You may ask what this blog is about but I am still working on what answer to give you. I love blogs. I feel that they are a great source of information. I have a few of my favorites that I love to read but I never had the courage to even "comment" on their pages.
Any who! I recently went through a quarter-life crisis...don't judge me. During this time, I looked at my reflection deeply enough to decide that there were some changes that I wanted to make. As you can see, the title of my blog is “I’m fat. So what…” The main interest of this blog is writing about my journey to weight loss but still enjoying my voluptuous body and curves. I am so through with trying to make excuses for my weight. I do want to live a healthy lifestyle with the body that I want.
As we count down to the New Year, I am hoping that I am able to not only make new goals but also successfully claim victory in life challenges.  I am not doing this as a new year’s resolution but stepping-stone to a new me. Ugh! I sound so cliché. I know my introduction is kind of all over the place but that's me.
I hope you will like to take this journey with me. Enjoy the ride.


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