Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life is a mess!!!

Hey guys!!! Sorry for the long hiatus but this girl has been through some thaanngs. I am glad that I am back! I will admit that I suffered from blogging stage fright. I literally would lose sleep about the topics I wanted to talk about, wondering if anybody would even care. It has been difficult for me to put my self out there but this year is my year (every year is my year...LOL). No really this time I want it to be real. I would find myself typing about something from the heart and erasing everything completely (No BUENO!!!!
In this time of reflection I really thought about my goals and what I really wanted to do. I sought advice from fellow bloggers, friends, and family alike. I came to a conclusion that this blog is going to be the absolute reflection of my life. I'm going to keep it real and raw. I have several interest from plus size fashion to healthy weight loss and everything all in between. I do have a list of different things that I am attempting right now which is  trying to lose my first twenty pounds (until I reach my ultimate goal of 100lbs.) and also changing my eating habits by introducing clean eating.  Sooooo....Tomorrow will be my first attempt to work out. UGH I know. I know. I need to change the tude. Looking forward to sharing!!!


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